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Effisun Technology

Company Profile

Effisun Technologies is one of the leading solar energy company that strives to provide innovative solar energy management systems. We aim to deliver smart solar energy management systems for commercial, residential, agricultural, and industrial sectors. 


We are a group of diverse and creative individuals who mainly focus on reliability, dependability, and customer service.


Solar Energy offers immense resources that can generate clean, non-polluting, and sustainable electricity, resulting in no global warming emissions  – Let’s go solar!


To strive for a positive change, Pakistan is in dire need to have a permanent shift towards energy independence. Which will cultivate improved economic and environmental stability for our country.


Effisun Technologies aims to free the people from dependence on greenhouse-gas-emitting fossil fuels that has caused irreversible damage to our planet for decades and promises everyone’s quality of life.


Effisun Technologies is fully committed to contributing to innovation and growth in renewable energy across Pakistan to make our planet a cleaner, greener place to live. Here, we provide value to our clients in terms of innovation, consistency, and sustainability.


Effisun Technology

Company Profile


  • Enabling Pakistan to become one of the leading countries to adopt solar energy in the region and revolutionize Pakistan’s energy sector.
  • To provide our customers value in terms of high-quality solar systems to meet each customer’s unique needs, aiming at the maximum return of each investment for their clean energy needs.

Effisun Technology

Company Profile


  • With a passion for innovation and sustainability, we strive to make Pakistan a cleaner, greener place to live.
  • To empower our people to reverse climate change, save the environment while enjoying zero electricity bills.
  • To constantly raise the bar by introducing updated technological solar energy solutions in our country related to this industry by leveraging our expertise.


We Are Impacting Millions Of Lives Across Pakistan

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Effisun Technology

Our Core Values

01. Innovation

We consistently provide our customers’ value in terms of high-quality yet cost-competitive solar energy solutions by adopting the most efficient and optimal approach for customer satisfaction.

02. Value for Money

We aim to bring game-changing, innovative & technologically advanced renewable energy solutions and provide value to our clients. We are fully committed to contributing to growth in renewable energy in Pakistan. 

03. Teamwork

Our team has practical experience in implementing turnkey solutions in projects either as an independent project or as part of a larger building project and delivers results through coordination, expert knowledge, and a high rate of customer satisfaction.

04. Safety

Solar panels create clean energy that harnesses the sun without water nor a negative impact on the ecosystem. Our planet is our legacy. Therefore we need to join hands in a much more responsible way of living. 

05. Corporate Social Responsibilities

The sun provides a tremendous resource for producing clean and ecological electricity without toxic pollution or global warming emissions. Join us in a movement for revolutionizing the energy sector in Pakistan.   

06. High-Quality Solutions

Our solar engineers provides you with technologically advanced renewable energy solutions that help maximize component life of each solar system, power stability, and innovative design. Our solar engineers work hard to deliver high-quality game changing solutions by leveraging their expertise in this field.

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Hamza Saeed

Head of Business Development

Hamza Saeed is the Co-Founder, Executive Chairman of Effisun Technologies. He is also the creator of the core energy intelligence and management technologies embedded in the Effisun Smart Solar System. With a mission to make Pakistan energy independent, he believes in bringing quality products at an affordable price so more people can afford to adopt renewable energy sources which leads to collective growth.

Sohaib Roomi

Co – Founder

Sohaib Roomi is the Co-founder, Executive Chairman of Effisun Technologies. With an aim to revolutionize the energy sector of Pakistan, Sohaib Strives to bring game-changing advanced renewable energy solutions by leveraging his expertise in the field.