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Electricity is expensive and integrated solar energy systems gives the average homeowner and an entrepreneur an easy way to save for a lifetime. Light your home, power your appliances by going solar with Effisun Technologies. Our systems are designed efficiently to cater to the exclusive needs of our customers.

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Be more energy independent and combat the problem of load-shedding with Effisun Technologies.


Pay for solar on the go and join our hands to lead a more responsible way of living by getting you renewable energy financed at a subsidized markup of 6% per annum anywhere in Pakistan.





Effisun Projects

Recent Installations

76kW On-Grid System Installed at Honda Site
Location Karachi Project Size 76kW Solar Panels Jinko-530W Mono facial Tier 1 A grade Solar panels Inverter Solis(80k5G) Honda Site Management approached…
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70.3kW On-Grid System Installed at Toyota PortQasim
Location Karachi Project Size 70.3kW Solar Panels Jinko-540W Mono facial Tier 1 A grade Solar panels Inverter SMA STP-25000TL-30) Toyota Portqasim previously…
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23.98kW On-Grid System Installed at Mr.Salim Habib Godil
Location Karachi Project Size 23.98kW Solar Panels Jinko-545W Mono facial Tier 1 A grade Solar panels Inverter Solis-(S5GR3-20k) 23.98kW On-Grid System Project…
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Combat The Problems Of Load Shedding And Save Big With Effisun Technologies

Pakistan has had an energy shortage for quite some time.

The authorities have yet to bridge the gap between increasing population and the need for more energy; the situation has escalated as a result of major power outages and the electricity costs.

Finding renewable energy alternatives and a solar company in Karachi is a pressing need of the present and future in order to meet rising energy demands.

It also encourages us to be responsible citizens by allowing us to use 100 percent renewable energy and help make Pakistan a safer, greener place.

The Smart Solar Plus Storage System from Effisun Technologies is a dependable energy solution for both residential and commercial energy needs. It manages energy generation, use, and billing in a smart way.

It guarantees the lowest possible energy prices for the next 25 years, putting an end to the worry of ever-fluctuating and rising per-unit costs.

We must take steps to reduce our reliance on conventional energy sources and become more environmentally aware by partnering with the best solar company in Pakistan.

Be more energy independent and combat the problem of load-shedding with Effisun Technologies.

The idea of energy independence is appealing, but achieving it would necessitate a total transition to clean green energy.

With the support of their fully integrated and smart solar energy systems, Effisun Technologies, one of Pakistan’s leading solar providers and solar company, is actively working towards energy independence.

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