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60 kVA on grid system at Shelton Razidor
Location Peshawar Project Size 60 kVA Solar Panels Astronergy Mono facial Tier 1 A grade Solar panels Inverter Chint inverter 60KVA Project…
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200 kVA on grid system at Bryon Pharmaceuticals
Location Peshawar Project Size 200 kVA Solar Panels 435 Astronergy Mono facial Inverter Chint inverter 200 kVA on grid system at Bryon…
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32 kW On-Grid System in Karachi
Location Karachi Project Size 32KW Solar Panels Trina 430W Inverter Solis 30K-5G with Wifi & App This project was offered by “The…
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5 kW Hybrid System
Location Lahore Project Size 5KW Solar Panels Canadian 460w Inverter Inverex Hybrid 5kW with WiFi app Now a days almost everyone wants…
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20 kW On-Grid System in Lahore
Location Lahore Project Size 20 kW Solar Panels Longi 400W Inverter REFUsol Now a days Solar Energy has become quiet common and…
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10 kW On-Grid System in University
Location Peshawar Project Size 10KW Solar Panels JA Solar 430W Inverter Inverex In universities electricity required to run projectors, PCs, and in…
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15 kW On-grid + 5 kW Hybrid in Private Hospital
Location Peshawar Project Size 15 kW Ongrid + 5 kW Hybrid Solar Panels Jinko 460w Inverter ABB + Omega Electricity is critical…
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20kW On-Grid in Factory
Location Ghakar Mandi, Punjab Project Size 20 kW Solar Panels Trina 460w Inverter ABB On average an industrial electricity consumption is high.…
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10 kW Tube well at Ghakar Mandi (3.5 inch Dia)
Location Ghakar Mandi, Punjab Project Size 10KW Solar Panels Canadian Solar 400w Inverter Invt 10kW Many of rural areas rely on tube…
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