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10.35kW Solar System

Note: Price can vary for different scenario depending upon on area of site, wiring, safety equipment etc.

Electricity expenses are increasing daily; therefore, solar power has become a sustainable, cheap, and lucrative energy alternative for an average business owner with a fixed-cost solution. Experience zero electricity bills and enjoy unlimited use of air conditioners.

All our systems at Effisun Technologies are net metering compliant and offer quotes for 10.35kW Solar systems price in Pakistan at an affordable price of Rs 1,450,000/-Excluding all taxes  

Pakistan’s energy crisis has been present for a very prolonged time period. In order to fulfill the increasing demands for electricity which has become a necessity for us, it is a dire need to find cheap energy alternatives that also make a positive impact on the environment.

The average units spent monthly according to your needs can help determine the right size and design of the solar system for you.

Go solar today with Effisun Technologies and cut your electricity bills astonishingly.

Package included:

    • 10.35 kW Panels Mono Perc Half cut Tier 1(12 Year performance/25 Year Linear Power Output Warranty)
      (Brand: Tier 1-Jinko / Trina / Longi / JA)
    • Inverter: 10kW Inverter (5 Year Warranty)
      (Growatt/Solis / Huawei / Sungrow)
    • Mounting Structure MS heavy gauge double girder  (Elevated  Structure) with cemented pad and  Epoxy Antirust coating.
    • Breaker DC /AC – TOMZN/HIMEL/CHINT/TERASAKI amperage as per recommended system design.
    • Electric Cable: Pakistan Cable / Imported as per Inverter manual & system design specs
    • Wiring includes Breakers, SPDs, PVC pipe, Clipsal Breaker Boxes, and Water-resistant Ducts – AC Cable length max 100ft
    • DC Earthing (Earth Pit with Copper Bus Bar) and Grounding Pit with wiring, Copper bus bar, and Rod
    • Site Energy Audit
    • Net Metering Compliances:(Case file/assistance)
    • 1-Year After-Sales Service
    • 1-Year Online Power Monitoring and Management

    ✪ Prices are exclusive of all taxes and 0% GST and any sudden change in duty structure, government law, or abnormal currency fluctuation will be borne by the client.

Estimated Price in PKR: 1,450,000/-Including all taxes

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