What is an On-Grid System?

It becomes imperative to know as much about the solar system before deciding on implementing it. Ample research is required, and the internet is filled with the required information regarding many terminologies and jargon of the said system. An average reader may get confused in the dictionary of such energy systems; hence this article tries to clear confusion on what an on-grid system is.

A solar panel system converts solar energy into photovoltaic (PV) cells, which can then further be utilized by the entity interested. There are more than multiple systems of such solar panel systems such as an on-grid, off-grid, or hybrid, depending upon the requirement and need.

What Are the Benefits of An On-Grid System?

As the name implies, if the solar system is tied to the grid, it will be termed an on-grid system. This tying with the core utility grid of the location provides many pros and cons, and this system is also one of the most widely adopted solar systems for both residential and commercial locations.

There are many benefits to this system such as no requirement for additional batteries. Batteries as many may know are required by such solar systems to store energy that is produced in excess. On-grid systems proposition is simple: access to electricity is guaranteed. Only unless the grid goes down, an on-grid system will provide energy to the location regardless of whether the system is generating electricity or if there are batteries installed for storing purposes.

Easier Electricity Access

An on-grid system is grid-tied. Meaning this system is tied to the grid making the overall or net electricity access easier. There would be no reliance on the solar system for electricity if the basic requirement of the solar system is not present: the presence of a solar source i.e. the sun.

If the solar system is not at the time generating energy, there is no worry. Access to energy at all times is open, and the consumer enjoys this easy access for all his energy requirements.

Only in the case of a power failure on the grid will the on-grid system subside.

Effect of a Power Failure on the Grid

As stated earlier, an on-grid system is connected to the grid and relies on its power as its source. If the grid fails, the solar system installed also fails in providing power to its residents. This is the sole rule of dependence on the grid in this type of system.

But before worrying about why this is the case, it should be understood that this is to protect human life. Workers required to repair or work on the grid require safety and in order to protect them against any electric shocks, no electricity access can be permitted on the grid.

Superior Electricity Management and Control

The energy load is distributed in a locality throughout the day. Meaning energy demand during the day can be less than energy demand at night time. If the solar system creates excess energy than what is required during the day, that energy is carried off to the grid in an on-grid system.

This excess energy is sent to the grid and will require net metering of the point which is provided to the grid. If the house is net-metered, then the energy provided to the grid is accounted for and the extra credited energy is utilized when the household requires additional energy from the grid.

Instead of paying for the electricity, the net metering facility enables the household to be billed on their net electricity usage.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are other things to be kept in mind when opting or deciding whether to go for an on-grid system. As the on-grid system is tied to the grid, this means that it uses all of the facilities of the grid system such as its distribution network and transmission lines. These services will be charged along with a fixed cost of establishing a connection with the grid.

If not properly accounted for, the household or residents may also find paying the extra costs as a result of no net excess energy generation.

A proper consultation with a solar energy provider is needed to finally decide which system to go for.

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